Title: The Visitor
Running Time: 7:12
Year: 2010

"In a medieval village, its inhabitants at the mercy of a disfiguring disease, a mysterious visitor brings salvation with his touch. But a real cure must go beyond the skin."

The Visitor


The Visitor - Felix Byrne
The Husband - Tom Cant
The Wife - Keely Beresford
The Onlooker - Calum Grant

Naomi Hartland
Donna Matthews
Fiona Taylor
Michael Bassett
Mark Stroud
Jacqueline Sharp
Richard Puleston
Graham Waton
Tracey Southern
Will Adcock
Jade Leanne Thomas


Costumes - Yumiko Bowman
Prosthetics, shoes & spear - Mike Garrett
Choreography/Dancer - Roxy Thomas
Continuity & Clapper - Kate Tozer
Lighting - Noah Morgan
Camera - Ed Thomas

Special thanks to:

Ed Thomas - Camera & Lights
Richard Coles - Midford
Shawn Houghton & Tony Wood - Land Rover
Bill Rich of the Bristol & West Off Roading Club
Longleat Forestry Commission
Stephen Morgan - Bonfire Location
Jon Maine - Merchant's House
Ian Trussler - Medieval Cart
Chris Arnold - Dolly & beam splitter
Charles Phillips - Forest

Music and sound by Simon Bowman

Story by Adam Bowman

Directed by Adam Bowman

Produced by Simon Bowman

Copyright © 2010