Title: Dead on Time
Running Time: 18:47
Year: 2005

"Time is always one step ahead of us, you can never beat the clock...or can you? John Gifford buys more than just a box of junk at a carboot sale. Amongst nothing but camera parts there is an item which reveals itself to John as his ticket out of his dreary life."

Dead on Time


John Gifford - Rob Schnepp
Mike - Martin Coat
John's Boss - Geoff Hunt
Store Clerk - Will Adcock

Restaurant Scene:
Denise Hunt
Yumiko Bowman
Graham Bates
Denise Bates
Paul Dudbridge
Rich Hurst
Joe Ransome
Lydia Ratcliffe
Karen Dudbridge
Faye Buckingham
Mike Bailey
Dave Parsons
Shaun Steer
Tom Clayson
Emma Wickham


Cinematography - Adam Bowman
Sound & Music - Simon Bowman
Screenplay - Adam Bowman
Story- Adam & Simon Bowman
Director - Adam Bowman
Producer - Will Adcock


Jude at La Strada
David Ashton at Frome Photo Centre
Andy at Miller's

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